Fiber Optic and Fixed Wireless Internet

Unlimited Internet to the home or office. Using latest technology to deliver the fastest speed and the best coverage on Wind River Range.

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3 weeks ago

Wind River Internet

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2 months ago

Wind River Internet

To residents & businesses in the North Lander area, including Baldwin Creek and Boulder Flats - we have improved our wireless internet services in a major way. Speeds will go up, latency will go down, and our dishes look way better...

Before winter the South Lander/Red Canyon areas will see upgrades, then Riverton to Pavilion. Call our office during normal business hours to get onboard!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend to everyone!!
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What sorts of speeds at the end of Baldwin Creek Road? Still need a spot for a tower?

When is the internet come back on for Ethete and fort Washakie and winter is coming like in 3 months

Meanwhile I can’t even play “fortnite” in ethete. 🤔 🤦🏽‍♂️

Mark Calhoun It appears WRI can serve your location, now. Give them a call.

Becky Calvert Shepard

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