VoIP Internet Phone Installer

Job Title:


VoIP Installer

Job Function:


Install and Maintain Internet Phone Equipment





Wind River Internet

Reports To:


NATI General Manager




Responsible for on-site work at customer locations including installation, repair, uninstall, etc.



Coordinate the above-referenced work, work with other installers as necessary, and communicate effectively with phone support staff who schedule the work and communicate with the customers

Budget Impact/ Accountability


Contributes to business P&L.  The installation crew is the front line of Wind River Internet operations. 


Position Summary

Installer coordinates all on-site customer work as noted in Accountability above.  Installer must work closely with the other staff, communicating results of work performed and coordinating the work schedule. Installer is responsible for ensuring all materials and supplies are available for any type of work that may be required on-site.


Dimensions & Core Competencies



  1. Fosters open communication; encourages open expression of ideas and opinions
  2. Visible and accessible to all levels and functions of the organization
  3. Proactively seeks needed information from appropriate sources
  4. Develops and uses communication tools; choosing and effectively using the most appropriate communication media
  5. Listens to Others; actively attends to and conveys understanding of the comments and questions of others





  1. Establishes, monitors and facilitates a continuous improvement environment
  2. Communicates with vendors and other NATI staff to ensure information is shared with all who “need to know”

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Has full understanding of the NATI network, including types and locations of Access Points, general coverage areas, and Remote Access Points
  2. Prepare design specification plans as per customer requirement and provide appropriate enterprise solutions for architecture.
  3. Develop architecture plans for voice services and prepare appropriate budgets and specifications for projects.
  4. Monitor efficient working of all complex and multifaceted projects.
  5. Perform research and develop new technologies and evaluate work of support suppliers.
  6. Evaluate work and ensure compliance to all infrastructure standards and polices for various supplier proposed solutions.
  7. Analyze customer requirement for advance service products coordinate with business firms and develop appropriate voice solutions for customers.
  8. Perform analysis on trunk utility and optimize IP and PBX Communication server for capacity building.
  9. Coordinate with vendors, analyze appropriate product offering and develop new products and services for network.
  10. Assist management with all high priority projects and prepare technical presentations.
  11. Perform troubleshoot on all voice services for all LAN and WAN hardware modules and configure appropriate communication media modules.
  12. Monitor all customer inquiries and ensure appropriate resolution of same.
  13. Plan network capacity for network and perform troubleshoot on existing network.
  14. Analyze all security problems on network and develop new technologies to cater it.
  15. Assists other installers with troubleshooting
  16. Participates in ongoing educational opportunities required to be up to date on current technological issues involving all the equipment used by Wind River Internet, and assigns training for installers as needed, either in-house or from an outside source Communicates with customers as needed to ensure excellent customer relations regarding installation, repair or questions customers may have about any aspect of the service.



  • Basic knowledge of Voice Over Internet Protocol  
  • Strong analytical and evaluation skills
  • Performance management and quality content knowledge
  • Strong technical skills and troubleshooting sense
  • Strategic perspective
  • Valid Driver’s License



  • Superior oral and written communication skills
  • Strong process orientation
  • Detail oriented, logical, and methodological approach to problem solving
  • Demonstrated capability to interface and maintain effective relationships with all departments and employees in a team-oriented environment