Residential Fixed Wireless

We offer true unlimited Internet with no data caps or overage fees.


Price Max Download Speed Max Upload Speed Example Usage
$34.95 Bronze 3Mb 1Mb E-mail, web and Video (YouTube, Google,Facebook)
$49.95 Silver   12Mb 8Mb HD Video (Netflix, Hulu, Xbox, PS3, iPad)
$89.95 Gold    24Mb 15Mb Multiple HD video streams ( Still Fast with Multiple Users)


Price Service
$24.95* Unlimited Local and Long Distance in USA
$18.95* Unlimited Local and Long Distance in USA
*Discount Price with any Wind River Internet Plan
Internet Installation Rates
Basic: $99 clear line of sight within 3 miles of tower (Riverton, Arapahoe, Mill Creek, Ethete, Fort Washakie )
Intermediate : $159 Install, needs extra mounting equipment for longer range up 14 miles (Out of town)
Advanced: $199 and higher, depending on site, up to 30 miles

Rent a Managed Wireless Smart AC router only $7.95

Buy a WRI Smart Router $49.95 and add Management App $4.95 a month

Add a Mesh Node to add WiFi Range $4.95 a month

Reprogram your current router $19.95 (Speed and remote support maybe limited)

Voice Requirements:

2 Year contract or $100 deposit
ATA ($49.95 or VoIP phone required)